Are you learning Frontend Development?

I think I can help you. Read on.

I will guide you in a journey to discover the most Fundamental Browser and Web Platform features and APIs

Let me tell you why I built this course for you.

Let me say it to you ⤵️

I am a big fan of a practical-based approach when it comes to learning things.

So in my effort to train you, for all topics I do an introduction and a demo / video of using them in practice.

While I was a mentor at Udacity I helped thousands of people like you get their first steps with Codepen projects and it was great. They were really excited about discovering all they could build.

I think there is a high barrier when people start on the Web, and they don't know everything you can do inside the browser. In the best scenario, you have a good overview of the tech but you don't have the big picture.

Or you don't know how to use it in practice.

With this course I want to give you not just an overview, but a series of demos that implement each technology I explain.

When possible, making things fun, because we best learn when we are enjoying our time.

Don't assume I am a master of everything.

I spent about 250 hours last month reading everything I could and making those great demos I prepared.

I learned a ton of things, as usual I learn by preparing my training material.

And believe me, I always discover something new that I can add to the backlog and someday I will put in practice when needed.

Become a well rounded developer

This course introduces you to lots of knowledge that will make the difference in your day to day Web Development

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Built to give you great confidence

I promise the course is not overwhelming. You can finish it. It's not one of those courses with an endless amount of content with no hope of completion

Let me save your precious time

I like to do one job for you: find all the information and condense things to make them clear. I save you time by teaching you the 20% of the things you need to do the 80% of your work.

The Web Platform Course
Learn the Browser APIs using Text, Video, Interactive Demos
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List of topics covered


Mouse events

Touch events

Keyboard events

Working with forms

Scrolling events

Drag and Drop

The History API

The Geolocation API

The Web Storage API



Web Workers



The Fetch API



The Stream API


Bonus Lessons

Lesson 1: Speech Synthesis API

I am a computer. You can make me talk with JavaScript, did you know?

See lesson

Lesson 2: the DevTools

Know your tools, master your tools

See lesson

Lesson 3: Messaging

The Channel Messaging API and the BroadcastChannel API

See lesson

Lessons 1-3 preview

A sneak peek at the course content: the first 3 lessons!

See preview

Who is the teacher

My name is Flavio, I am a 36-year-old Computer Engineer. I've been coding for 20 years, I have a passion for teaching and I can't wait to share everything I know with you!

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How long do I get access to the course?

Forever, there is no time limit. You always get full-access to the course materials.

Will I get free updates?

Yes, any updates I make to the course are included. I plan to keep it up to date over time!

What’s the course format?

The lessons are text-based with demos, videos and code samples to help your learning.

Do you offer refunds if I don’t like the course?

Yes. If for some reason you think the course does not deliver value to you, I will issue a refund.

Can I see a preview of the course?

Yes, here you'll find the first 3 lessons of the course.

Do you offer students discounts?

Yes. Email me with some kind of proof.

Do you offer purchasing power parity discounts?

Yes if your country rank is > 51 in this list. Email me with the name of the country you live and a screenshot from